aims to provide you an safe & secure platform where you can Search and Contact your Life Partners.

Follow some very simple instructions and be safe online.

1. Choose Strong Passwords and Change the password regularly.

In Order to use you need to register your profile on our website. While creating your profile you are advised to choose a strong password and change the same regularly. You should keep your login details confidential, as your profile is your responsibility and can be used against you if it falls into the wrong hands.

2. Never share your personal information as soon as a person shows interest in you.

Never share your personal information as soon as a person shows interest in you. Don’t share phone no, real name, work place, email, etc. Don’t post personal contacts to your profile. Your private life should stay private until you know the other person really well.

3. Report the fraudulent Profile or Misuse of this platform.

When you see a fraudulent profile or misuse of this platform you should inform us about it by using Report Profile option so we may check on the profile and take necessary action against the member.

4. Take your time to build trust and get to know the person before First meeting.

Do not meet alone until you know the person really well. If you're meeting for the first time, try meeting in public places like shopping mall, coffee shops, restaurants and avoid meeting in hotel rooms or any other private places. Also keep your friends or family informed before you set out.

5. Beware of money scams, You can recognize a money scam when members ask for money.

Never Send money to someone you have not met in person. Beware of such people and do not pay anything for visa purposes or any such issues. Never discuss financial matters with someone you just met and hardly know. It could be highly unsafe.
Note:- All the profiles on are created by individual member or there Family members only, We are not responsible for any incorrect Details / Information or any Mis-happening. Its your own responsibility to verify full details about your partner with whom you are ready to marry.
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