By :  |  Date : 29 APR 2020

What does 'Non-Reactive' mean when testing for HIV ?

If you have been tested for HIV infection and received a non-reactive HIV test result. This means that the test did not find any evidence of HIV infection inside your body, Hence you are HIV Negative.

But there is a period between the time of getting HIV and the time that an HIV test can detect HIV infection. If you have engaged in any risk behaviors for HIV quite recently or during the month prior to your test, you should speak to your doctor and get re-tested for HIV.

99% of HIV-infected individuals would be detectable within 90 days of your possible exposure. In some cases it's really hard to say exactly how long it will take, Checkout Early Symptoms of HIV

If you are pregnant or planning to have a baby

Even if your hiv test result is non-reactive today, testing and re-testing of both the mother and the father may be indicated based on risk factors for HIV. It is important to know your HIV status because HIV can be passed to your baby during pregnancy, delivery or through breastfeeding.

PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) - A medication that can protect you from HIV if you were recently exposed. If you start it within 2 hours of the exposure, it gives the best protection; if you start within 2-36 hours, it gives very good protection; between 36-72 hours it gives less protection as time passes; it is not started after 72 hours. If you think you were exposed to HIV through contact with someone who has or might have HIV, go immediately and ask for PEP.

If you’ve been diagnosed with HIV then starting treatment as soon as possible is the first step to taking care of yourself and keeping your immune system strong. Although antiretroviral treatment is not a cure for HIV, it does keep the virus under control.

Disclaimer:- All information given here is purely for the knowledge or Awareness among our website and other users and its available online on many other websites in different forms. Contact your health care provider and get tested after possible exposure to HIV.